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How to prepare for an interview

How to prepare for an interview, How to prepare for interview, If you are an experienced, professional then you might know How to face interview, and if you are a fresher then you might be looking for tips on How to face interview.

Phone Interview Question Tips

Phone Interview Question Tips This type of interview can range from a few minutes to even an hour and the topics discussed can be your career history, your marketing strategy, your knowledge of the industry

Interview Preparation in 3 Easy Steps

This is a good beginning when it comes to how to prepare for interview. Recruiters feel extremely disappointed or let down when a candidate demonstrates confidence but does not have knowledge about the fundamental facts or figures of the organisation. With regard to how to prepare for interview, consider the following steps.

Most Common Interview Questions

Job hunters are not the only individuals who are stressed by back-to-back interviews. Interviewers and hiring managers can be equally stressed out or nervous while preparing a list of interview questions to be asked. One reason for this phenomenon could be that such recruiters are not seasoned interviewers and lack experience when it comes to pitching interview questions. Icebreaking interview questions are, in reality, behaviour-based questions that help put both the candidate and the interviewer at ease while simultaneously throwing light on the interpersonal and communication skills before the interview commences.

Interview Questions

Fresh graduates or first-time job seekers (commonly referred to as freshers) are extremely different from experienced candidates. They are extremely raw, not knowing which direction is the right one for them. A majority of freshers do not have a thorough roadmap as to what they want to achieve in life, especially when it comes to job hunting. They are often found at a loss for words when asked basic questions by the interviewer. Here, we have highlighted the most common interview questions for freshers and potential answers as well as the most sought-after qualities that prospective employers are searching in freshers.

Psychometric Tests in Job Interview Process

Psychometric tests have been designed as a tool to assess a candidate’s personality and abilities and are often used by prospective employers to make sure that a potential recruit is ideal for the job position. These tests are growing in popularity during the process of recruitment in either the preliminary stages, where there is a necessity to reduce the number of potential candidates, or during the later stages to come up with a final decision. Prospective employers can utilize generalized psychometric tests or tests that are customized toward assessing the suitability of a candidate for a specific role.

Sample Interview Questions and Answers

Whenever you walk out of an interview, do you feel that your answers could have been better? Well, you are not alone as several candidates feel the same. However, instead of regretting of what you said and how you answered some of the Tough Interview Questions in the previous interview, you should brush up your answers to impress potential employers in the interviews to come.

Job Interview 5 Key Reasons of an Unsuccessful

5 Key Reasons of an Unsuccessful Job Interview “We regret to inform you that we have made the job offer to another candidate.” Mentioned below are 5 probable reasons for not clearing a job interview and what corrective actions you can take to ace the next interview

Questions To Ask At An Interview Common FAQs

If you received the interview call that you waited for so long, then you will surely be very excited. However, along with excitement, a number of questions regarding job interviews might also creep into your mind. Here is a list of some of the most common job interview FAQs that are related with the interview process.

Interview Coaching for Senior Executives

This is where Interview Coaching for executives can play an important role. Recruiters say that while interviewing people for senior or executive level positions, they find them talented and well qualified on paper, but many of them appear to be boring in the interview. Remember that the superior the position is the more the emphasis is on your values and not your skill set. Thus, even experienced executives need to know the correct way of portraying themselves when wooing for even higher positions. Interview Coaching for senior executives can be helpful in such cases. Here are some of the benefits that senior level executives can gain from Interview Coaching

Interview Follow up Communication Process and Tips

Once you are done with your interview, you have to face the most intimidating part of your job hunt, which is waiting for your hiring manager’s call. You might feel helpless at this point of time, but you still have something to do. Experts suggest that you should engage in follow up communication post your interview to enhance your chances of succeeding in your job search efforts. Following up is crucial as it displays your interest in the job. However, you should not pester your employer or annoy him with emails and calls. Politeness and subtleness is the key to successful follow up communication after the interview.

Top Interview Questions

Here we take up some common or regular questions posed in an interview, but don’t make the mistake of considering them insignificant, sometimes the most common questions can go wrong and can hamper your reputation. At times, recruiters try to judge you simple questions to judge whether you are the right man for the job. We are not guiding you about how to respond to every question, but here are a few tips, which can help you to be ready with the answers when these questions might crop up

How to handle a Job offer or a Rejection

This is the age of instant offers and rejections, as far as the corporate world is concerned. Before diving into the world of job search, you should prepare yourself to handle both instant job offers as well as rejections. When it comes to job offers, it can be an unexpected or even an instant offer during your interview. In both the cases, you are surely lucky. As you move ahead in your career and start building your network in the industry, you become more marketable and the more is the chances of getting job offers from different sources.

How to Overcome Anxiety with regard to Interview Questions

How to Overcome Anxiety with regard to Interview Questions So, you have a big interview scheduled in the near future. This could be your chance at landing the ideal job. Are you feeling nervous or anxious about potential interview questions

Identification of your skill sets to present in the Interview

In the crowd of competitors, you need something that sets you apart from others and gives you an edge in the competition. This is when your skills and USPs (Unique Selling Points) plays a significant role. If you know how to do this then the ball is surely in your court. Just wonder how great it would be if you know, what mix of abilities and skills the employer is searching for. Although almost all employers usually look for some common skills, yet some skills are specifically associated with the kind of job. If you understand the attributes that potential employers seek, then you can customize your presentation and job-search marketing strategy.

Interview Guide for Finance & Accounts Professionals

Finance is broad field that covers insurance, investment banking, retail banking, and many more. Interview questions will differ based on the employer, the job level, and the candidate’s work experience. However, there are specific core skills and competencies that are vital to achieve success in a majority of finance positions. On the other hand, accountants work for different types of organizations. They are responsible for preparing financial reports and records of financial operations and assets. Accountants are also responsible for external and internal auditing, development of budget, assessment of revenue and expenses, and coming up with solutions to financial problems by developing new strategies.

Interview Guide for HR Professionals

While preparing for an HR professional job interview, it is vital to devote some time researching the type of person the organization generally employs, the kind of values it is seeking, and trying to obtain a feel for the culture of the organization. It is crucial to demonstrate in-depth knowledge with regard to the responsibilities that are associated with the post being applied for, while simultaneously creating a great first impression. If chosen, chances are high that you will be working in close association with interviewers. Therefore, both entities should be eager to develop a rapport to lay the foundations of a fruitful future relationship.

Interview Guide for Sales Professionals

If you wish to land a great job in the sales industry, you will have to ace the all-important sales interview. Besides the traditional interview purposes, the job interview for sales professionals will test their selling skills. Can you sell yourself as the ideal candidate for this role? To help you perform well during the interview, we have prepared this interview guide.

Tips for HR Interview Questions

Each interview has a distinct focus; however, some HR interview questions are so common, it is advisable to prepare for them adequately. To achieve success, you need to develop a strategy and not babble out scripted answers. Here, we will look at some of the most common HR interview questions and the things that you must consider while formulating your answers. Work through each HR interview question by coming up with original answers. This will help you sail through the interview. It is a good practice to write down potential answers, or still better, say them aloud in the company of a friend or relative.

Interview Preparation Tell Me About Yourself

“Tell me about yourself” is most often the first interview question asked by the interviewer. Primarily an icebreaker, this important question may make some candidates to blurt out the history of their lives. However, is this what prospective employers want to listen to? Read on.

What are your Strengths

Even if the interviewer does not ask this question directly, you must have the ability to effectively answer this question to land that lucrative job. After all, from the perspective of the employer, the primary purpose of a job interview is to comprehend what you can offer to the company as well as why should the employer hire you specifically instead of others vying for the same position. Therefore, it is extremely important to prepare an effective answer to the potential question “what are your strengths.”

Why Should We Hire You

we aim to throw light on how to close the deal with regard to any job interview. After all, the entire interview process pertains to effectively answering this question: why should we hire you instead of other well-qualified candidates? All interview questions are an attempt to collect information to inform this particular hiring decision. Some interviewers may additionally ask you related questions such as those mentioned below:

Interview Questions for Freshers and How to Answer Them

Fresh graduates or first-time job seekers (commonly referred to as freshers) are extremely different from experienced candidates. They are extremely raw, not knowing which direction is the right one for them. A majority of freshers do not have a thorough roadmap as to what they want to achieve in life, especially when it comes to job hunting. They are often found at a loss for words when asked basic questions by the interviewer. Here, we have highlighted the most common interview questions for freshers and potential answers as well as the most sought-after qualities that prospective employers are searching in freshers.

Interview Tips for Experienced Professionals

Even if you are an experienced professional, it is always good to prepare for an interview beforehand. The first reason for doing this is that things change with time, so familiarizing yourself with latest interview trends and Interview tips will help you prepare better, and the second reason is that an interview can take on the nerves of even the most professional and experienced people so going through Interview tips can really help.

The initial preparation Interview Tips for Fresher

what you need is a bunch of useful Interview tips. After completing your education, this is a new stage of your life, and no one wants to take any risk with this phase. You have a great resume, you have created social profiles, and now you are at the door of the interviewer with hopes of being selected for your dream job. Now, it is up to you to crack this meeting and land on the job you always dreamt of.

Just keep these Interview Tips for Technical Engineers

You might be wondering why you need Interview tips. Well, at times very basic things go wrong in intense interview sessions, especially technical types, so Interview tips will help you to prepare well in advance for the common as well as odd questions that will come your way. Interview tips are not just about the questions but also about the way you should behave and answer from opening the door to leaving the interview room. Here are a few Interview tips for technical engineers to gear up before facing the final showdown

Some Important Questions You must Know Before interview

You have got a call for your job interview and you are aiming to ace it neat. Your preparation begins with the possible questions that you might have to face. You might have read many books and websites on interview questions and answers.

Questions that can be asked in an Interview

In majority of interviews, you will get a chance to ask some questions to your employer once the interview is over. You should try to take advantage of this situation and nothing can be better than hearing it from the horse’s mouth. This is an opportunity to dig into the details, which are important for you, and at the same time, you can show your interest in the job and the company with such questions. During an interview, regardless of what kind it is, you will usually come across all the details about the company that you want to know but if anything is left then this is your chance

Role of Interests and Hobbies in Your CV

One of the sections in your CV, which usually creates a lot of perplexity, is the interests and hobbies section, and most of the time candidates don’t pay attention to this section and mention some of the generic hobbies and interests in their CV. Now, you should keep in mind that sometimes little details regarding you can catch the eye of employers, and this section is helpful for the employers. This section throws light on your personality, values, likes and dislikes, etc. All of these elements speak about your character, so you should not neglect this section.

The Top Most Interview Questions to be Prepared for

Recruiters ask questions primarily about you only, what you are, how you feel, what are your thoughts, etc. Then why do most of interviewees stumble with these questions. The answer lies in under preparation for an interview. If you are well prepared in advance then no question will bother you or blow your mind. If you have time before going for an interview, then make the most of this time by practicing answers to some of the top most questions that are posed in an interview. Here is a list of such questions and suitable responses for them.

What preparations have you done for this interview A simple but a significant question

You have to face many questions, which are hurled at you at an interview, and this one will surely be somewhere at the top of the list. If you are not prepared for this question, then it will surely blow you away and you will end up with a blank face, which is a big No for an interview. However, like every other questions, this one have an answer too, all you need to do is to prepare for it in the right way, and answer it in the right way as well.

Tricky Questions to be Aware of in an Interview

Think how great it can be, if you are aware of the questions that you will have to answer, before going for an interview. Nevertheless, this is not possible, but what is possible is to be prepared for those questions prior to going for an interview. You might have already prepared yourself for the common questions regarding your background, educational qualifications, abilities, strengths, etc. However, the trick to crack an interview is not just in preparing for the usual questions but also in preparing for the unusual questions, that will thrown at you. When you do know about facts, you can answer with confidence, but think what will happen if you have to face a question, which you are not prepared well or you are not aware of

Top Interview Tips for CEO Aspirant

Prepare for tricky questions like what you did when a project you handled failed, Prepare for the tells us something about yourself question you should demonstrate your leadership skills and broader vision required for such position. Here are a few helpful Interview Tips for CEO aspirants

7 Top Tips of Successful Salary Negotiation in Job Interview

If you have prepared for the Job Interview beforehand, then you might already know that Salary Negotiation is a part of your Job Interview, and you should have been prepared to face it as well. Most of the candidates hesitate as far as Salary Negotiation is concerned, and women constitute a major part of this. All it takes is to change your approach and take Salary Negotiation lightly.

Behavioral Interview Questions

Behavioral Interview Questions are based on the theory that the most accurate predictor of future behavior is past behavior in a similar situation. In this type of interview questions, employers list down the core competencies or skills required for success in the job for which they are hiring and accordingly frame questions to evaluate the candidates.

Behavioural Interview Questions

Behavioural interview questions are now commonly employed by all types of companies across all levels of hiring – from a fresher intern to a CXO. It is estimated that for experienced recruiters as many as 80% of the interview questions are actually behavioural questions. Behavioural interview questions are based on the philosophy that candidate’s past actions and behaviour is a good indicator of his or her future behaviour.

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