Interview Guide for Sales Professionals

Interview Guide for Sales Professionals


If you wish to land a great job in the sales industry, you will have to ace the all-important sales interview. Besides the traditional interview purposes, the job interview for sales professionals will test their selling skills. Can you sell yourself as the ideal candidate for this role? To help you perform well during the interview, we have prepared this interview guide.


Simultaneously, the recruiter will ask questions to get an insight into your selling track record and significant accomplishments. What’s more, the recruiter would want to know if you possess the key competencies that are needed for achieving success in the sales industry, including persuasion, presentation, motivation, persistence, and so on. This interview guide lists the most important questions that may be asked during the interview along with best possible answers. Therefore, peruse this interview guide thoroughly.


Question 1: What excites you most about this position and the sales industry as a whole?

This is generally the first, and probably, and most important question that will be posed to you. Hence, it is listed first in this interview guide. The recruiter would want to know your interest levels in selling as well as your selling skills. It is also vital to demonstrate that you have researched the company well before the interview so that you can dwell upon why you want to sell this company’s products or services.


Ideal Answer: I have always adored your organization’s reputation for customer service, and I can see that as the primary reason for clients buying from you. I have immense experience in selling to your primary demographic. I am equally proficient in selling the overall product experience, which includes the component of customer service. I can tell you more about a sales campaign that I came up with in the previous year that revolved around the advantages of customer service.


Question 2: What serves as your motivation?

A proficient sales professional needs to be highly motivated. The recruiter would want to know if you possess the passion in closing deals. Because there is no right answer to this particular question, this interview guide advises you to demonstrate enthusiasm and a desire to succeed. Throw more light on your personal selling style.


Ideal Answer: I am always motivated by the challenge of making a sale. The success of landing a new customer thrills me. What’s more, creating a well-prepared pitch that explains the product is extremely rewarding.


Question 3: How do you tackle rejection?

To achieve success in the sales industry, you must have the will to persevere in spite of rejection. Even excellent sales professionals hear many no’s. Hence, avoid answering in a manner that may show your sensitive side; however, be honest. After all, nobody likes rejection.


Ideal Answer: Losing a sale or failing to land one is extremely disappointing. However, I do not take it personally. I put in extra effort to learn from rejection and thereby improve my selling techniques.


Question 4: Have you met your sales targets consistently?

The recruiter would want to know your sales history. Hence, we have included this question in this interview guide.


Ideal Answer: Yes, I have been consistent in meeting or exceeding my sales targets over my ten-year career in the sales industry. Last year, I led my team in exceeding the sales projections by nearly 25%, and this was in a highly volatile market.


Question 5: Can you sell me this pen?

You heard it right. You may be challenged to demonstrate your selling skills during the interview. This question is a tried and tested interview trick designed to throw candidates off guard. Your answer will demonstrate your capacity for quick thinking and immense dexterity at selling anything.


Ideal Answer: Commence the answer with, “I need to know a bit more about your day. Would you mind if I ask some questions?” Then, ask questions such as “What do you look for when buying a pen?”, “What do you generally write with?” and so on.


With the help of this interview guide, do your bit of homework so that you are in a position to speak with intelligence with regard to selling the company’s products or services.

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