Interview Follow up Communication Process and Tips

Follow up Communication Process and Tips after an Interview

Once you are done with your interview, you have to face the most intimidating part of your job hunt, which is waiting for your hiring manager’s call. You might feel helpless at this point of time, but you still have something to do. Experts suggest that you should engage in follow up communication post your interview to enhance your chances of succeeding in your job search efforts. Following up is crucial as it displays your interest in the job. However, you should not pester your employer or annoy him with emails and calls. Politeness and subtleness is the key to successful follow up communication after the interview.

The main aim of follow up communication after the interview is to remind your employer about you when they are involved in making the final pick of the candidate for the job.

A thank you note is the best way to start your follow up communication. Instead of wasting time to decide whether to email or send a handwritten thank you note, just send it. Even when you are sure enough that, you will be selected take out time to write the thank you note, as many employers expect this letter. The nature of the note is based on your situation. Usually, when you follow up very quickly after the interview, it shows your interest, whereas you should take account of the company culture before following up. Mailing the letter is the right way to do it, especially if the company is a conventional one. Not only you should thank the employer, but also you should restate how suitable you are for the job, and wrap up the letter with a statement that you are waiting to know about the next step.

Here are some other tips that will help you to complete the follow up process after the interview









Finally, you should also understand when you stop and accept that it is time to move on and look for other opportunities. 

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