Interview Preparation in 3 Easy Steps

If you fail to plan about how to prepare for interview, the chances are high that you are planning for failure. As a candidate, you will most probably be asked specific and direct questions with regard to your prospective employer; therefore, ensure that you have done your homework on aspects such as previous year’s profits or the latest products launched. This is a good beginning when it comes to how to prepare for interview. Recruiters feel extremely disappointed or let down when a candidate demonstrates confidence but does not have knowledge about the fundamental facts or figures of the organisation. With regard to how to prepare for interview, consider the following steps.

(1) Perform an Online Search

How to prepare for interview gets a shot in the arm when you know most details of your prospective employer. The ideal place to begin is the official website of the company. The website shows the organisation as it would prefer to be seen along with a comprehensive list of the products or services offered. By browsing the company’s website, you will learn how to prepare for interview and will get an insight into the corporate style as well as the company’s tone of voice and culture. Take a look at their Annual Report, and peruse in detail a press article or company news page.

While you filter all this info, give thought as to how the role that you are seeking connects with the mission of the company. You can even use the website’s search tool to learn more about the recruiter or hiring manager who will be conducting the interview. These are tried and tested ways when it comes to how to prepare for interview.

You should devote some time searching online for any other significant information you find about your prospective employer. Key in the company name into the news section of major search engines to check if any recent captivating stories have been published about your prospective employer. Moreover, you can discover some info contributed by their present employees with regard to the work atmosphere. Thus, how to prepare for interview becomes simpler and easier.

Prepare Interview - Get Ready(2) Industry Sources

Another aspect of how to prepare for interview lies in knowing the industry your prospective employer belongs to. Besides company info, you need to have thorough background knowledge with regard to the industry so that you can shine during the interview. Browse through websites and business applications to gain an in-sight about what they are saying about your prospective employer and the industry it belongs to. Consider spending time at newsstands, where you will find an awesome list of publications.

If you already belong to the same industry as your prospective employer, it may be wise to ask colleagues in a discreet manner if they have any knowledge about the organisation or company that you are applying a job for.

(3) Prepare Yourself

This aspect of preparing yourself is relegated to the background by most candidates. Therefore, devote enough time to self-preparation so that you are not caught off guard. Approach the interview like an examination, demonstrate confidence that you can tackle any question they may throw at you, and present your best self to your prospective employer. Believe us; it works.

Mentioned below are some tips to keep in mind with regard to how to prepare for interview


• Conduct a “mock” interview with a friend on the basis of the most common questions that may be asked

• Ensure that you know and are punctual with regard to the date and time of the interview, and that you are familiar with the name of the interviewer

Interview Preparation Tips

• How to prepare for interview gets easier by deciding how you will reach the location and gauging the time needed to get to the location by anticipating delays.

• Put your best self forward by dressing neatly donning comfortable clothing without appearing gaudy.

• Do not carry excessive stuff with you both physical and psychological. Carry multiple copies of your CV and other documents if the prospective employer specifies to do so.

• If you are told to bring along certain certificates or references, get these ready in advance rather waiting for the morning of that all-important day.

How to prepare for interview is all about demonstrating confidence and enthusiasm along with possessing the right knowledge of your prospective employer. Therefore, put your best foot forward and shine.

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