Some Important Questions You must Know Before interview

Congratulations! You have got a call for your job interview and you are aiming to ace it neat. Your preparation begins with the possible questions that you might have to face. You might have read many books and websites on interview questions and answers.

Here is a list of possible interview questions and answers that are commonly asked:

  1. Tell us about yourself.

This is a routine amongst interview questions and answers to this question are many. You will never miss this question too in your job interview. However replying in a concise, attractive way is the key. Keep your description shot and crisp. Include your professional summary with a highlight on your key skills. Avoid fumbling, pausing and using filler words like um, ah, er etc. The more confident you are, the better is. It is best to rehearse your text well before attending the interview.

  1. What do you think are your strengths?

Your interview questions and answers are never complete without talking about your strengths and weakness. This is again a difficult question and should be answered deftly. This is again a question that does a lot of rounds in your job interview. Neither should you be over smart or underestimating on yourself. You can identify your strengths through your skills. Make a list of your knowledge based skills that you get through your education experience. Include a list of your soft skills or transferable skills such as communication; decision making skills that help you hop from one role to another. Finally make a list of the specific qualities and characteristics that you have such as being an active team player, punctuality etc.

  1. What do you think are your weaknesses?

One of the most dreaded questions amongst your interview questions and answers is talking about your weakness.Nno one wants to accept or express their weakness openly for the fear of not clearing the interview. A solution to this is to mention one of your weakness and a possible solution to negate the weakness. Eg:  I feel that I am very meticulous at work which is my weakness , but having become aware of it I limit myself to a lot of rechecking and have started believing more on quicker delivery. Another quick tip on weakness is that it’s not a good idea to express your personal qualities as weakness.

  1. How was your typical day in your last job?

This is an interesting one among interview questions and answers. Give a concise and crisp plan of your typical day s work in your last job. The interviewer is not looking forward to know how many cups of coffee you had or the team outings you enjoyed. But this is a way to know if you have handled your team effectively or an impending crisis, planned budgets if they are daily spending and etc. Make sure you highlight your best professional summary in your job interview.

  1. What are the reasons for leaving your current job?

Amongst all the interview questions and answers this one should be dealt with care. Interviewers here are keen to know if you left your previous job for a good reason on good terms and voluntarily. Leaving your last job and finding a new one also translates a lot into your work values and about you. Therefore it is best to balance your word by not giving too much of a negative reason about your job or make it too flowery. It is best to emphasize on the position that you are applying and how good it will help with your career and avoid throwing in too many negative words. You can also say in your job interview as to how you would like to move on professionally and changing job for the benefit of your career for better exposure.

  1. Where would you like to see yourself professionally five years from now?

Employers are investing in a big amount while recruiting and want to know if you are worth the time and money invested through your job interview. Interview questions and answers help in filtering the candidate. The best way to answer this question is to talk about your interest for the job, your core strengths, goals and where you would like to see yourself each year. It is best to avoid saying you don’t know or you don’t know really know much about the position. That will simply show how unprepared you are.

  1. Why do you think you are a perfect fit for this role?

Interview questions and answers on organization are common. Do a thorough research on the organization and the job role that you are applying before your job interview. Make a list of your strengths and then try to match with the position as to where and how you will be beneficial to the company. This is one good place to put in your best foot forward and hence give a smashing and confident answer.

  1. Do you have a dream organization in mind?

Answer this question deftly by saying why you have a dream company in mind. It could be that you have an interest in telecommunications and would like to work with the leader. But at the same time you cannot underplay the organization from where you got the job interview call. Make a list of the cores strengths of the company and mention as to how by working in the particular company can make your career beneficial. Interview questions and answers on dream companies are quite common, so it’s best to prepare a good answer.

  1. What made you apply to this company?

Research thoroughly, before going to the job interview. Interview questions and answers on companies are quite common. Make a list of the company‘s strengths, product information and company overview. Bring out the credible points during o interview and this should be the reason for applying in the company.

  1. What is the reason for applying for this job?

Job seekers usually say that they wish to learn and this might not be the best thing to say in your job interview, considering the fact that the organization is investing on you. Instead of explicitly saying about learning, explain how you will fit into the role, your passion and what you would like to do in the new role which you couldn’t do previously. Also mention how this job will help in your career path. Amongst all interview questions and answers prepare this one with a personalized message.

  1. What can you do for us that other candidates can't?

Amongst all interview questions and answers this one should have a customized message.Your job interview is again your pitch for putting your strengths forward. Align it with your strengths, company’s vision, job role to give a smashing answer.

  1. What do you know about our organization?

This is a sure question among the set of usual interview questions and answers. You should do considerable research about the company before going for your job interview. Read the company s website, check for their social media presence. Find out how the media has written about them. Knowing about the company shows your enthusiasm towards the job role and is favoured by the employers.

  1. Do you have any questions for us?

Candidates tend to take a back step fearing what questions to ask even if they have doubts. You can check more about your role whither it involves travel or relocation. In case of certain jobs requiring software you can find out if specialized software is used. Questions relating to policy pay and benefits should be clarified with the HR.

Apart from the above mentioned interview questions and answers make your own list depending on your resume and career history.



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