Psychometric Tests in Job Interview Process

Defining Psychometric Tests
Psychometric tests have been designed as a tool to assess a candidate’s personality and abilities and are often used by prospective employers to make sure that a potential recruit is ideal for the job position. These tests are growing in popularity during the process of recruitment in either the preliminary stages, where there is a necessity to reduce the number of potential candidates, or during the later stages to come up with a final decision. Prospective employers can utilize generalized psychometric tests or tests that are customized toward assessing the suitability of a candidate for a specific role.

Different Types of Psychometric Tests
The most popular types of psychometric tests that candidates need to undergo measure their cognitive abilities; for instance, numerical and verbal reasoning tests. Some candidates may have to undergo other types of tests such as spatial reasoning, logical reasoning, and diagrammatic reasoning tests. Moreover, many tests evaluate a candidate’s personality traits and decision-making skills. Personality questionnaires are one type of such tests.

Candidates need to practice personality, logical reasoning, verbal reasoning, and numerical tests on a regular basis.
Another type of psychometric test that is commonly used during the recruitment process is the DISC Profile. Candidates need to complete a simple questionnaire, the results of which can offer a prospective employer valuable insight into the candidate’s work approach, motivational levels, strengths, and weaknesses. This info can then be utilized to judge how a candidate would respond to a particular situation.

The Myers Briggs Type Indicator is one of the types of psychometric tests that assess a candidate’s personality by drawing a clear distinction between:
• Extroversion and Introversion
• Thinking and Feeling
• Perceiving and Judging
• Sensing and Intuition

As many as 16 diverse personality types can be determined by this indicator on the basis of the diverse preference levels of the factors mentioned above.
Many individuals are presently utilizing psychometric tests to assist them in identifying the ideal career path. Schools as well as colleges provide encouragement to students to complete a specific psychometric test, Morrisby Profile, which is designed to assess the individual’s capabilities, working style, and primary talents, before matching these to the most suitable jobs.
Two primary types of assessment comprise a standard psychometric test:
• Aptitude Test
• Personality Questionnaire

Aptitude Test Besides assessing an individual’s skills or experience in a specific field, an aptitude test judges an individual’s potential in undertaking particular activities. Based on the test results, a prospective employer can come to a conclusion whether or not you have the capability of performing tasks involved in a specific role. The most common aptitude tests include those that assess verbal and numerical reasoning skills. Numerical tests are based on the individual’s ability to apply fundamental mathematical principles whereas verbal tests are designed to assess your grammar, language comprehension, and spelling.
Personality Questionnaire After it has been concluded whether or not you are able to perform a specific role, a personality questionnaire can be utilized in indicating whether your personality traits suit the job position effectively. There exists a high risk that major differences between a candidate’s personality traits and those of the existing workforce can create a major conflict that can lead to underperformance, unhappiness, and poor motivational levels at the workplace.

Generally, psychometric tests should be approached in a calm and rational manner. Keep in mind there will not be any tricky questions. Therefore, the answer that appears the most obvious one is indeed the right one. You can effectively prepare yourself by ensuring that you have a good night’s sleep and eat a heavy breakfast on the day of the test so that your energy levels are high. In addition, follow instructions and make sure you read each question thoroughly.

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