The Top Most Interview Questions to be Prepared for

The Top Most Interview Questions to be Prepared for

Recruiters ask questions primarily about you only, what you are, how you feel, what are your thoughts, etc. Then why do most of interviewees stumble with these questions. The answer lies in under preparation for an interview. If you are well prepared in advance then no question will bother you or blow your mind. If you have time before going for an interview, then make the most of this time by practicing answers to some of the top most questions that are posed in an interview. Here is a list of such questions and suitable responses for them.

Why have you chosen us?

No matter for which industry or company you are applying for, preparing for this question will always help you out. Pay attention on what is actually important to you and the recruiter. Whenever you face this question, remember that the intention is to know why you want to join that company or why the company is so special. Answering this question does require some homework, a detailed study of the company will highlight what sets apart this company from others, and this is what your answer should contain. Mention the history of the company and praise why it is different and how you will gain by being a part of it.

Why are you Suitable?

From us, the question now shifts the focus to you. Never boast when you face this kind of question. Speak of your interests in working there, tell the recruiter how your working manners and innovativeness will benefit the company. Put forward some accomplishments you have made, but keep it limited to facts only. Don’t use very flowery language to describe yourself, just keep it clear-cut.

Your goals

Whenever, you are asked about your goals tell your short-term objectives instead of telling them what kind of future you expect. Speak more about your immediate goals and try to include your job aspirations with the company in your goals, as well.

Why are you quitting your current job?

If you have been prey to cost cutting, then answer this question directly, as being laid off is not your fault. On the other hand, if you are leaving your present job because of some problem with work environment or because of some issue with your employer, then give an optimistic answer instead of discussing your problem with the interviewer. Employers always like people who are optimistic in tackling problems that they face in their job.

What makes you satisfied with a job?

The interviewer actually wants to know how motivated you are with this kind of question. You can give example of any previous instance where you were very contented with your job or any particular project. This shows your preferences and the kind of work you are comfortable to do.

What makes you different from other candidates?

This is the test question asked to assess your traits, your skills, and your abilities. Give a nice and short summary stating your strengths and skills that you feel make you stand out in the crowd. If you have any specific skill, then highlight it to show how that particular skill can be beneficial for the company.

How much can you sacrifice for this job?

This question is asked to test your passion and dedication towards the job, and the best answer is to tell about how dedicated and targeted you are with your goals and how much can you do to get this job. Tell the recruiter how much hard work you are ready to put in if you get the job, as nothing can replace sheer hard work.

Just practice these answers and you will surely get out of the interview with excellence. 

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