Why Should We Hire You

Interview Preparation: Why Should We Hire You


In this article, we aim to throw light on how to close the deal with regard to any job interview. After all, the entire interview process pertains to effectively answering this question: why should we hire you instead of other well-qualified candidates? All interview questions are an attempt to collect information to inform this particular hiring decision. Some interviewers may additionally ask you related questions such as those mentioned below:


When it comes to closing the deal with regard to this job offer, you must be well prepared with a brief, short, and concise summary highlighting the best reasons for the employer in hiring you. Hence, you should give unrivalled attention to the question “why should we hire you?” Even if your recruiter does not directly ask the question “why should we hire you”, you should be prepared with an answer and look for avenues when it comes to communicating the best reasons throughout the course of the interview.

Why this Question Asked and what is is the Interviewer Trying to Judge?

The job of the interviewer is hiring the best person for the vacant position. Hence, the best question that can throw the candidate off-gear is “why should we hire you.” A majority of the candidates who make it to the interview stage are generally well qualified for the job. The candidate who wins must have extra qualifications, especially in a highly-competitive job sector. This is because every new hire is a potential risk for the organization. Your interviewer, too, will be taking a fair amount of risk with regard to his or her career in the process of recommending a specific applicant to hire. If the chosen candidate performs optimally, all praise goes to the interviewer, who will definitely receive a pat on the back and may be even a better annual appraisal. These are the primary reasons behind asking the question “why should we hire you.”


If the candidate does not live up to expectations (by not performing well, not getting along well with other team members, leaving the job prematurely), the blame falls squarely on the shoulders of the interviewer, and his or her professional reputation takes a beating.


When it comes to the question “why should we hire you,” your interviewer is prodding you to sell her or him on you as well as your status as the ideal candidate for the vacant position. When you are asked the question “why should we hire you,” make the interviewer’s job easier by assuring him or her that:


Sample Answers:

Example Answer 1 for Why Should We Hire You: Project Manager

“Well, I possess all the skills and work experience that you are seeking, and I am confident that I will be a star performer with regard to this role of project manager. It is not merely my background that helps me lead successful projects for Fortune 500 companies; my management skills have assisted me in developing fantastic relationships with senior managers, vendors, and developers. To top it all, I am extremely passionate with regard to this industry, and delivering high-quality work motivates me to walk the extra mile.”


Pros and Cons: The candidate possesses immense confidence and has the ability to effectively sum up how he or she meets the needs and requirements that the position demands: team-building and relationship skills as well as project management expertise and experience. However, on the flip side, this answer is very general and may be strengthened by providing examples: description of a successful project, naming one Fortune 500 company, providing proof of those fantastic relationships. However, on the assumption that the applicant has already had a discussion about specifics of his or her prior roles, this answer to the question “why should we hire you” does a decent job when it comes to emphasis and reiteration. The candidate does not let the interviewer put the jig-saw puzzle together: he or she eases the interviewer’s job by putting the pieces together. The last line serves as an effective punch line because every interviewer would want passionate and motivated candidates on board. Hence, this is a good answer to the question “why should we hire you.”


Example Answer 2 for Why Should We Hire You: Programmer

“I honestly feel that the job description was prepared keeping me in mind. I have the requisite programming experience of 6 years that you are seeking, a proven track record of executing successful projects, and immense expertise in robust development processes. Simultaneously, I have enhanced my communication skills by working in close tandem with senior management. This means that I am well equipped to handle high-profile projects that cut across departments. I possess the experience to contribute effectively from Day 1, and I am extremely excited with regard to the prospect of having a go at the job.


Pros and Cons: This answer to the question why should we hire you is a good approach when it comes to summing up your primary qualifications and demonstrating why the applicant fits the position perfectly. Particularly, this applicant will gain tremendous points with the statement about “contributing effectively from Day 1.” Such a candidate will need minimal hand-holding or training, which will appeal to any employer.


Example Answer 3 for Why Should We Hire You: Fresh Graduate

“I possess the experience and skill set in this position of a production assistant. I spent two summers in internship programmes, where I learnt the finer nuances of TV production. Because my employers were delighted with my performance, they invited to be part of a second internship with additional responsibilities. While attending senior college, I worked for a production company on a part-time basis. This gave me the golden opportunity to hone my editing skills. I have a knack for getting things done. That is because I love the television medium like no other and would love to enhance my skill set and experience through this job.


Pros and Cons: This job seeker has completed internships and has part-time experience. However, he or she is a fresh graduate and has not played a full-time role. The answer to the question “why we should hire you” is good because the candidate highlights the experience he or she has and the fact that he or she was invited again for a second internship. Moreover, the candidate throws light on his or her editing skills. Besides expressing zest for the job, he or she demonstrates strong work ethics. These qualities are ideal for entry-level positions, which need hard work and toiling at first.


Now that you know how to answer the question, “why should we hire you” go all guns blazing and leave the interviewer in raptures with your bespoke, innovative, and most importantly, honest answers. 

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